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This is the daily number of shares of a security that change hands between a buyer and a seller. Also known as volume traded. Also see Up volume and Down volume.


The amount of trading sustained in a security or in the entire market during a given period. Especially heavy volume may indicate that important news has just been announced or is expected. See also average daily volume.


Volume is the number of shares traded in a company's stock or in an entire market over a specified period, typically a day.

Unusual market activity, either higher or lower than average, is typically the result of some external event. But unusual activity in an individual stock reflects new information about that stock or the stock's sector.

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1987) was used as the template for both the Abbotts' and Gluyas and Hitchens' volumes.
The volumes divide into topics: Origins And Outbreak, Global War, and Victory And Aftermath.
The quality of the essays is uneven, as is frequently the case with edited volumes.
While this data-intensive process worked well when data volumes were relatively small, as volumes continue to increase in the enterprise, this old-style backup process simply cannot keep up.
This effort has produced 13 regular volumes, three general supplemental volumes, and four special topical volumes (two on high temperature superconductors, one on zirconium and zirconia systems, and the new volume on electronic ceramics).
Collected volumes often suffer from a lack of cohesion and consistency among their constituent parts, and Venice Reconsidered is no exception.
Similarly, the poems are not traced through all the volumes in which they appear.
Consisting of five volumes and covering six topic areas: Native American Music, African American Music, British Isles Music, European American Music, Latino American Music and Asian American Music, this scholarly and professionally produced set of hard-back volumes is a deep source of sociologically related musical information about some of the peoples who have contributed to American culture.
Feeder volume from freezing time criterion--Calculate the feeder volumes from: [M.
The injection volumes increase rapidly with injection times and reach states of equilibrium.
Historical daily volumes (and even prices) aren't available in all screeners, but they are available in the Research Wizard.
The combined technologies simplify the management of volumes by allowing the operating system to assume the management role rather than third-party software applications.