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The Ninth Circuit concluded that Westpac did not get any richer when it received its volume discount in the form of up-front cash than Harry Homeowner did when he received the $400 from the furniture store.
Another benefit is the ability to leverage large purchases of identical PCs and software licenses to get volume discounts.
In fact, reducing one's net tax by virtue of a volume discount is only possible where the conditions of subsection 232(2) have been met and the rules in subsection 232(3) have been followed.
In a separate audit, Greuel also found the city continues to fail to take advantage of volume discounts and computerized payment systems that could lead to more efficiency and cost savings.
Volume discounts may be negotiated through corporate sales.
Additional text/manuals available at volume discounts for group training.
Special Programs: Volume discounts available; Seasonal flavors offered.
In return for the consumer guarantee, GMP providers would be offered an exemption to the current RESPA prohibition on volume discounts and referral fees.
An annual subscription costs $129 for one nurse with volume discounts available.
95 per seat, with volume discounts available) for ezVAR, which is enabled via a browser plug-in.
A better proposal comes from Maine Democrat Tom Allen, who advocates legislation that limits drug company prices by requiring firms to give seniors the same volume discounts provided to large health-maintenance organizations.
Designed as a mobile computing solution for cost-sensitive organizations such as healthcare, the single unit list price for the Point 1600 is US$3,375, with volume discounts available.