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The state of a company being able to service its debt and meet its other obligations, especially in the long-term. Solvency is a necessary condition for a business to operate. If a company is unable to meet its obligation, it is said to be insolvent and must undergo bankruptcy in order to either liquidate or restructure. See also: Insolvency risk, Accounting insolvency.
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Able to meet debts or discharge liabilities. Compare insolvent.
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The limit of estimating plastic particle sizes using this simple method could be increasesd by using less volatile solvents.
The sample consisted of forty high school students in the metropolitan area of Perth, Western Australia, all of whom were self-reported volatile solvent users.
Responses on the VSSI to nitrous oxide and volatile solvent use items were used to define four mutually exclusive study subsamples of interest: youth with lifetime use of both NO and VS inhalants (NO+VS, N = 103), youth who had used NO but not VS inhalants (NO-only, N = 11), youth who had used VS but not NO inhalants (VS-only, N = 164), and youth who had used neither NO nor VS inhalants (NO/VS nonusers, N = 445).
To achieve a sprayable solution, a volatile solvent and a resulting liquid with sufficiently low viscosity are needed.
If only the volatile solvent is present within the bubble, which is in chemical equilibrium with the liquid at the bubble surface, then we may apply Henry's law:
Product features high barium metal content in liquid form without the use of volatile solvent.
For a highly volatile solvent such as chloroform, one expects to have very significant evaporation during the spin-off stage, which causes a rapid rise in solution viscosity, thus leading to [[t.sup.*].sub.a] [less than] [[t.sup.*].sub.p] and underpredictions for by.
It contains a biologically active agent selected from the group consisting of terbinafine, naftifine, amorolfine, butenafine, derivatives thereof, salts thereof, or combinations thereof; a delivery vehicle comprising a non-polymeric crystallization inhibitor that is capable of delaying crystallization of the biologically active agent, and a film-former; a volatile solvent in an amount selected to create a subsaturated solution of said biologically active agent; and water.
US 6,231,875 B1: Johnson & Johnson Consumer Product Companies has patented an acidifed composition comprising at least one active agent, one acidifier and one volatile solvent for a topical treatment of nail and skin conditions.

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