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Use the Configuration page to customize the behavior of Stratagy View and its interaction with the host Stratagy ES voice mailbox.
If the hackers regain access to the voice mail computer, they often enter the sysop's personal voice mailbox and leave terse warnings to leave them alone.
With ESI's dial-on-hold capability, callers that have been placed on hold or into a voice mailbox may dial an alternate extension number and place a call directly to that party.
It also offers an online voice mailbox to check, manage and forward voicemail from the online portal, call history, click to call and an online address book that is accessible from any PC.
Traditional call handling tools - Toshiba SoftIPT emulates Toshiba desktop telephones providing call handling features, including caller ID, call transfer, call forward, single voice mailbox, soft keys, broadcast voice mail, voice mail indicator light, conference calling, and off-hook call announce;
According to TeleWare, each officer and inspector now has their own voice mailbox, hosted at the TeleWare data centre, North Yorkshire, allowing command and control staff to allocate non-emergency incidents which require follow-up, by leaving a message for the relevant officer or inspector, with messages also recorded into team mailboxes.
The system can then simulate a wide range of subscriber actions ranging from international roaming to voice mailbox services.
Cisco said that business users would gain from a single office voice mailbox, single number access, Mobile Voice access and other mobile application capabilities, while enabling businesses to streamline and converge business communications.
This pilot programme, launched in April 2006 in San Francisco, US, is understood to offer those in need a permanent local phone number and voice mailbox, free of charge.
Users simply use their pre-existing email application to access voicemails, and their current voice mailbox to access emails, while messages are seamlessly synchronized.
Project CARE has been launched by GrandCentral, a personal communications company, providing a permanent local phone number and voice mailbox, free of charge, to homeless people in San Francisco in the US.