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voice over IP (VoIP)

Technology that allows voice,videophone,cell phone,Internet,and office network traffic to all be usable with the same instrument—a telephone.

The following scenario describes use of VoIP in a real estate office:

A single phone instrument can awaken you in the mornings,read to you your most important voice mail and e-mail messages, respond to voice commands for handling those messages, and tell you your schedule for the day.As you make cellular calls before reaching the office,the phone downloads any new information from the office network, including appointments made by your assistant, who has constant real-time access to your calendar.Incoming calls will carry with them not only caller ID, but full contact information from the office computer, including histories and notes regarding prior calls with the same person.While speaking to the caller,you can e-mail to them photographs or any other information on file at the office.Once you reach the office,the phone will sense your proximity to the network and automatically switch from cellular service to office wireless service, enabling you to take full-size video calls with links to all branch offices or the main office,plus links to special video kiosks set up at shopping malls,new subdivisions,or college campuses.

If you are a real estate sales or leasing agent, people will be able to enter a kiosk, call you and take a virtual tour of all properties meeting their criteria, and then narrow the choices to the few that warrant a personal visit.

The uses of VoIP are limitless and will completely revolutionize how we think about interacting with other people and with information.Because of its growing importance,offices and residential areas unable to accommodate the bandwidth requirements will find themselves at an extreme disadvantage. Today, all real estate decisions must be made with one eye on the IRS and one eye on the telecommunications possibilities and limitations.

The Complete Real Estate Encyclopedia by Denise L. Evans, JD & O. William Evans, JD. Copyright © 2007 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
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