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If anything, this new visa waiver scheme will increase cooperation in other sectors.
"The launch of visa waiver scheme for people of 80 countries coupled with promotional fares announced by Qatar Airways for the jewellery show will attract more visitors," he said.
Leinster themselves were at fault as a visa waiver scheme between New Zealand and South Africa ended at the start of the year.
The United States applies a visa waiver scheme, which you already have.
The United States applies a visa waiver scheme which you already have.
Georgia's government had hoped the visa waiver scheme would come through before elections this weekend.
A new check-list guides travellers through theUK's Electronic Visa Waiver Scheme (EVW) to ensure hassle free entrance into the UK.
"We have an Irish visa waiver scheme, which enables visitors who have a UK visa to visit Ireland freely."
Giorgio Starace, speaking at a conference on Italian-UAE relations on Tuesday, referred to a visa waiver scheme that was approved by the European Parliament last year and is in the final stage of implementation.
"The electronic visa waiver scheme was introduced for passport holders of Oman, Qatar, and the UAE following an increase in the demand for visas from their nationals over a number of years," she said.