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In both the VirtAV and VirtAV-opt-cold cases, virus scan on pages for binary codes of wmplayer and related libraries introduces some overhead.
Virus scan all attachments or downloads as soon as you save them.
An automatic virus scan protects against viruses during file transfer.
For instance, in a virus scan conducted on the ASIS local area network in early December, information technology staff discovered four macro viruses: Lunch, Lunch.
"By providing the virus scan diskette, Computer City can offer customers added assistance as they prepare their PCs for this exciting new operating system."
The Scribbler SC1000 utilizes Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and is bundled with additional software such as Corel Grafigo, Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.1 and MacAfee Virus Scan 7.0, as well as notetaking and speech recognition applications.
Telenor said that business and private customers were choosing to outsource the handling of e-mail security, and some 5,000 customers had signed up to its Virus Scan service since December 2002.