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Growth Prospects for Virtualization Software Tilt Upwards II-1
info, the leading virtualization news and analysis site since 2003 today announced the launch of Virtualization Congress (http://www.
First Generation Block Storage Virtualization Architectures
Basically a way to share hardware between applications, virtualization allows the "pooling" of resources that results in consolidating hardware, maximizing the use of the remaining hardware.
In order to provide a useful understanding of the real world drivers, use cases, and outcomes from desktop virtualization, application virtualization, and other endpoint virtualization technologies, EMA conducted a detailed survey of current endpoint virtualization deployments, collected multiple interviews with real world users of desktop virtualization, application virtualization, and other endpoint virtualization technologies, and provided case studies with deep insight and qualitative analysis into various endpoint virtualization technologies.
Percentage Breakdown of Sales for Server Virtualization Software, Presentation Virtualization Software, Desktop Virtualization Software, Application Virtualization Software and PC Disk Virtualization Software (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-3
This Research Report into virtualization is without doubt the most important and most extensive primary research into virtualization to date, and the first to provide long-term, data-driven analyses of trends from 2006-2008, and forecasts from 2008-2010.
Table 1: Worldwide Virtualization Software Market (2007):
NAS virtualization switches break the physical static mapping between clients and their storage recourses, decoupling the logical location from the physical location of the data.
All too frequently, the general concept of virtualization is equated with the specifics of server virtualization.
These roadblocks, however, have now been pushed aside with one of the major vendors launching an intelligent switch-based storage virtualization solution with general availability of the product planned for 2006.