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A place on an exchange assigned for the trading of certain commodities, futures, or options. It is also called a pit or a trading pit.
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See pit.
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Support for software fault containment (of faults occurring in the operating systems running inside the virtual machines) is a straightforward benefit of any virtual machine monitor, since the monitor can easily restrict the resources that are visible to each virtual machine.
The solution proposed in Disco was to split large applications and have the instances on the different virtual machines communicate using distributed systems protocols that run over a fast shared-memory-based virtual ethernet provided by the virtual machine monitor. This approach is similar to the way such applications are run on a cluster or a hardware-partitioning environment.
Cellular Disco's virtual cluster environment provides a much more efficient sharing mechanism that allows large applications to bypass the operating system and register shared-memory regions directly with the virtual machine monitor. Since every system call is intercepted first by the monitor before being reflected back to the operating system, it is easy to add in the monitor additional system call functionality for mapping global shared-memory regions.
Since the operating system instances are not aware of application-level memory sharing, the virtual machine monitor needs to provide the appropriate paging mechanisms and policies to cope with memory overload conditions.
This is a particularly stressful workload for the operating system and virtual machine monitor running below it.
For the Disco runs, the virtual machine monitor itself maintains counters for user, system, and idle execution and increments them on each timer interrupt.
Disco is a virtual machine monitor that implements in software a virtual machine identical to the underlying hardware.

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