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com's virtual store front, which allows buyers to purchase tickets online.
With a web site and a phone service like RingCentral, we have a virtual store front and are cutting costs by traveling less and working remotely--all while improving communications with our customers.
They can also buy songs from the Low Lows catalog on LimeWire Store, LimeSpot's virtual store front.
Digital TV is now turning the set-top box into a virtual store front, " says Richard Cross, NDS' Vice President of Interactive TV.
com, the Chase unit responstaking a leadership role among financial services companies in creating new web-based offerings for all of oresenting both consumer and business-to-business applications and designed for all customer segments, includm(sm), offers Chase credit and debit card holdeytime - and the service is free to get, free toto create and edit their own web site or virtual store front.
com uses this virtual store front and other areas on AOL to communicate exclusive special promotions to members.
But I can envision a day, in the near future or maybe even now, where there would be store fronts, or virtual store fronts, where all I would purchase is information.
Virtual Store Fronts -- Businesses or sellers with many items can create a storefront and advertise the storefront throughout CozyBug.
MySoftware provides tools that create marketing materials, manage customer lists, complete bulk mailings, and design virtual store fronts on the World Wide Web.

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