Veterans Administration

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Veterans Administration (VA) mortgage

A home mortgage loan granted by a lending institution to U.S. veterans and guaranteed by the Veterans Administration.

Veterans Administration

A former name for the current Department of Veterans Affairs. The Department was established in March 15,1989.

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Among the many changes General Bradley initiated during his 2 1/2 years as Administrator of the Veterans Administration was the development of the new service that would be responsible for the provision of prosthetics--the PSAS [5].
She also failed to notify the Veterans Administration when she moved her office and the VA suspended payments in April 2006, with her failing to take adequate steps to restore the benefits before September 2007.
Personal experience has shown us that sleep test results are difficult to obtain at the Veterans Administration (VA) Healthcare System in San Diego.
The Veterans Administration has selected Kaneb Information Technologies subsidiary, InformaTech (ITI), to provide PACS consulting services that include performing a Clinical Services Assessment and Reegineering survey.
As Congress wound down to its election year break, legislation to bring portions of the Veterans Administration hospital system into a managed care alliance with long-term care facilities was moving rapidly through the House of Representatives.
Fairbairn, Veterans Administration, Hines, IL Henry Leonard, Jewish Vocational Service, Milwaukee, WI J.
The United States carried out some 235 nuclear tests between 1945 and 1962, principally in Nevada and in the Pacific Ocean, according to the Veterans Administration.
Douglas Bremner of the Veterans Administration Medical Center in West Haven, Conn.
Over the years we've worked with DSS as a partner in several projects for the Veterans Administration and found synergies between our core competencies and DSS expertise.
Congressional legislation (Public Law 293) established the Department of Medicine and Surgery within the Veterans Administration (as the VA was then named), giving this Department responsibility for providing medical care to veterans and officially creating an organization of professional services within the Veterans Administration [2].
Singleton and eligibility worker Annie Fennell from the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration Medical Group assisted with medical evaluations and gave referrals for treatments.
Since 1974 we have traveled throughout the state informing veterans, their dependents, and survivors of their benefits, and assisting them with claims before the Veterans Administration.

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