Veterans Administration

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Veterans Administration (VA) mortgage

A home mortgage loan granted by a lending institution to U.S. veterans and guaranteed by the Veterans Administration.

Veterans Administration

A former name for the current Department of Veterans Affairs. The Department was established in March 15,1989.

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Q: Now let's turn to the Veterans Administration, the agency of the federal government in charge of veterans' affairs.
Based on the findings, the Veterans Administration is conducting education and outreach to inform women veterans about VA services and has bolstered actions to enhance gender sensitivity of care.
General Bradley began to modernize and restructure the antiquated Veterans Administration system to meet the challenges brought forth from 12 million demobilized veterans postWWII [5]--a historic record number of discharged veterans.
She was reprimanded for failure to get a reasonable return on her ward's funds, comply with Veterans Administration regulations, promptly get and restore all of the benefits he was entitled to, file probate accounts, and make disbursements for the ward on a timely basis.
The problems go beyond the neglect issues that made recent headlines concerning the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, encompassing problems of medical mismanagement and mistreatment as well, he argues as he describes what he perceives as the systemic problems within the Veterans Administration and provides recommendations on how to fix them.
The claims about how well the Veterans Administration negotiates for lower drug prices don't hold up either, when one looks at the complete picture.
boulardii is good for preventing diarrhea associated with taking antibiotics," says Lynne McFarland of the Veterans Administration Puget Sound Health Care System.
Address for correspondence: Dennis Stevens, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Infectious Diseases Section, 500 West Fort St, Boise, Idaho 83702, USA; fax: 208-422-1365; email: dlsteven@mindspring.
Studies in The New England Journal of Medicine and elsewhere suggest that 17 percent of the 360,000 troops brought back from Iraq and Afghanistan may suffer from this condition, and the Veterans Administration has already diagnosed nearly 10,000 veterans as having PTSD.
Surgical, and Cardio-Thoracic Intensive Care Units, where she says, "Each day brings new opportunities and experience, making me aware of how much the Veterans Administration serves the needs of patients.
The United Spinal Association, formerly known as Eastern Paralyzed Veterans Association, opened its first computer clinic in 1997 at the Bronx Veterans Administration Hospital, which is now used by 20 to 30 patients dally.
HPTi) has been awarded a significant contract with the Veterans Administration (VA) to manage the Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VISTA) portfolio.

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