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If you are a HR manager in a vertical organization, you report upward to the HR director.
Several areas have a columnar organization, but in all areas a similar vertical organization of cortical modules is repeated, suggesting that the same fundamental computation scheme is carried out.
More than half a century later, the Nuclear Reactors Supply Chain Management Directorate (Code 87) of NAVSUP WSS exists as the separate, vertical organization which is solely responsible for program management, repair part provisioning, allowance list maintenance, cataloging, packaging, inventory management, item identification, procurement, and procurement quality assurance in support of Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program equipment and components.
We want to facilitate customer access to that in-house expertise with a more formal vertical organization, and Russ is the obvious choice to lead it.
And layer on layer it becomes a vertical organization.
For more than a year, Team SPAWAR has been migrating to a CAo model which redirects it from a traditional vertical organization to a network of teams located across the enterprise.
As a vertical organization, we provide Internet-based supply-chain management strategies and fully integrated e-commerce systems customized to the operations of a particular company," he said.
From that vantage point, these physician-driven coordinated delivery systems can build a virtual organization, as Jeff Goldsmith refers to them, through strategic relationships based on clinical and financial performance, rather than as a vertical organization through the merger of balance sheets.
In many corporations, the vertical organization structure creates barriers that can restrict movement of new ideas and hamper the elimination of paradigms.
The vertical organization is now passe; in its place a horizontal framework is emerging.
Individual thunderclouds normally have a vertical organization with positively charged tops and negatively charged bottoms.
The company's vertical organization is grouped by service offerings rather than a geography-based structure in order to enhance client service and local expertise.
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