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Options: Vertical clamp or convertible (horizontal/vertical) clamp; electric drive for plastication.
The latest offering from Vertical, due out in July, is Zero Over Berlin, a World War II novel from the perspective of the Axis powers, by Joh Sasaki.
A separate vertical assessment needs to be made for on-demand outsourcing services as the vertical market drivers for on-demand services vary from those of traditional IT outsourcing contracts.
If the corner sees the QB take a quick set and the receiver get vertical to his outside, he will immediately go into man coverage.
Based on our experience with receiver operating characteristic curves obtained during a previous study, (7) we determined that a mean deviation of 2[degrees] from true vertical is the best criter ion to identify subjects who have right/left vestibular asymmetry.
Steel: Vertical integration began in the steel industry in the late 1800s with ownership of every step of production from the mine to the railroads.
Vibration of the vertical axis tables is provided by electric motors mounted horizontally and equipped with adjustable force wheel weights at the end of each motor.