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Oral. Verbal contracts are enforceable unless they fall within the Statute of Frauds.

• Verbal wills, called nuncupative wills, are usually not enforceable.

• Verbal statements made by someone before death, and which would have the effect of increasing or decreasing that person's estate, will usually not be allowed into evidence by virtue of the dead man's statute.

• Averbal agreement regarding the location of the true boundary line between property owners is often enforceable; a verbal agreement to compromise the line between two property owners is usually not enforceable.

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Quantifying autoclitics tact the numerical properties of the controlling stimuli that prompted a primary verbal response.
The two conjunctions and and or imply that more than one verbal operant is being controlled by the same discriminative stimulus.
Here, there is no formal similarity, but there is point-to-point correspondence between the discriminative stimulus and the verbal response.
Intraverbals are controlled by the verbal behavior of other speakers.
His notes for this class became the basis for the book, Verbal Behavior (1957).
In recent years training protocols have begun to use Skinner's terminology (Sundberg and Partington, 1998) and a plethora of "verbal behavior" or "applied verbal behavior" treatment programs are now widely available.
Now, like the subject matter itself, the analysis of verbal behavior is complex and multifaceted, with researchers pursuing a variety of research strategies and themes.
The first area may be described in general terms as the acquisition of verbal repertoires.
Dymond and Alonso-Alvarez (2010) apparently agree with my assessment when they write, "When considered solely as an exercise in extrapolation, Verbal Behavior is indeed consistent in its interpretation" (p.
Data from other areas sometimes do not contribute to a broader understanding of verbal behavior from Skinner's perspective of analysis.
echoic, self-echoic, self-editing, problem solving, autoclitics) are discussed in Verbal Behavior, yet these topics remain severely under-investigated by researchers.
Therefore, he chose the term verbal behavior, which he defined as "behavior reinforced through the mediation of other persons" (Skinner, 1957, p.

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