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The eponymous hero's aria from Kaupo shows Vedro as a more individual composer, possibly influenced by Musorgsky.
Vedro has written an intellectually rigorous instructional guide to help readers realize and expand the possibilities for spiritual and technological understanding.
A PCA pump may provide more effective pain relief in some children because it provides a steady level of narcotic as compared to bolus injections, which are associated with peaks and troughs (Morrison & Vedro, 1989).
The future potential for VOD types of project is discussed by Vedro (1995) and Galbreath (1996), who both illustrate the infancy of these types of projects and the great potential teacher assistance partnerships hold for both education and public television.
Crises can end abruptly or continue as a dull aching for weeks to months after the acute episode (Morrison & Vedro, 1989).
Zanni: Ghe n'era una che avia el mostaz de cordovan, tutto cosid con spag impezad, dove gh'era inchioda i orecchi con boletton da scarpinel; non avia noma un occhio, quattro braccia de vedro e tre gambe, dua de legn e una de travertin, con la schena de carta strazza e la bocca de storion.
Original Text As Sung in Performance Vedro, mentr'io sospiro, Vedro mentr'io sospiro, felice un servo mio
Vedro begins with a self-explanatory narrative, describing his technological background as well as his personal spiritual journey and training.
in "Alla noia" echo the following lines in "Caino" (TP 172): "Mai non vedro nella notte del sangue?