variable-rate certificate of deposit

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Variable-Rate Certificate of Deposit

A certificate of deposit for which the interest rate changes according to some formula at set intervals. Investors use variable-rate certificates of deposit when they want a low-risk investment but expect prevailing interest rates to rise during the life of the CD. See also: Variable-rate bond.

variable-rate certificate of deposit

A certificate of deposit that pays a rate of interest that changes at predetermined intervals according to a specified formula or a key interest rate. This savings instrument is most appropriate if the investor expects short-term interest rates to rise before the certificates mature.
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The InvestorSure CD is a variable rate certificate of deposit that offers the formulaic upside performance of the S&P 500, without downside risk.
The CollegeSure CD is a variable rate certificate of deposit that is tied to a college costs index and designed to help families save for their children's future cost of college.
The variable rate certificates will pay debt service
NEW YORK -- On the effective date of June 7, 2012, Fitch Ratings will confirm the short-term 'F1' rating assigned to the $54,400,000 ($53,355,000 currently outstanding) Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) water and sewer revenue refunding variable rate certificates of participation, series 2008C (the COPs).
DCR) has rated AMRESCO Residential Securities Corporation Mortgage Loan Trust 1999-1 variable rate certificates.
Fitch views favorably the move to a more conservative debt structure, with close to 50% of long-term debt in fixed-rate mode after the conversion to fixed rate of the 2007A-D variable rate certificates, where previously 100% of Gwinnett's debt was variable.
8 million class AV-1 variable rate certificates, are rated 'AAA' by Fitch IBCA.
5 million 2009 variable rate certificates of participation (COPs) rated 'A+', Outlook Stable by Fitch.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings will confirm the long-term 'AA' rating assigned to Raleigh North Carolina's (the city) $55,000,000 million of outstanding variable rate certificates of participation (COPs), series 2004A.
The COPs are being issued to redeem and prepay Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District Variable Rate Certificates of Participation Series 2005.
7 million variable rate certificates of participation series 1993

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