Value fund

Value Fund

A mutual fund that invests predominantly or exclusively in stocks that have a great deal of growth potential. These stocks may be undervalued and have an exceptionally low P/E ratio. Likewise, these stocks may pay dividends on a regular basis.

Value fund.

When a mutual fund manager buys primarily undervalued stocks for the fund's portfolio with the expectation that these stocks will increase in price, that fund is described as a value fund.

A value fund may be limited to stocks of a certain size, such as those included in a small-cap value fund, or it may include undervalued stocks with different levels of capitalization.

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As part of this strategy, Third Avenue announced that it intends to seek Board and shareholder approval to merge the Third Avenue International Value Fund (TAVIX/TVIVX) into the Third Avenue Value Fund (TAVFX/TVFVX).
There tends to be a total lack of understanding of what stable value funds are and why you would use a stable value fund versus a money-market fund, says Dorann Cafaro, a consultant with Cafaro Greenleaf LLC in Little Silver, New Jersey.
Sanlam Investment Management (SIM) Namibia recently introduced two investment funds, the Floating Rate Fund and the Value Fund.
The Regions Morgan Keegan Select Value Fund and the Regions Morgan Keegan Select Mid Cap Growth Fund were featured as leading performers in their respective investment categories for the most recent rankings of mutual funds published in The Wall Street Journal's Quarterly Mutual Fund Review.
A large cap value fund almost by definition initially does not perform as well as the S&P 500.
New York based investment advisory company RiverPark Advisors LLC on Thursday announced that it has introduced the RiverPark/Gargoyle Hedged Value Fund.