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According to MTU, its MTUPlus Asset Value Maximization service has been designed to offer engine owners with a surplus engine different solutions which either optimise its usage if the asset can still be operated or maximise the material value through the remarketing of its individual parts.
Lorber last week to discuss our concerns regarding the seemingly never-ending strategic process as well as our views on value maximization.
Experts in the field of oncology will present on the latest discoveries, novel technologies, business development trends, markets, partnership opportunities, alliance management, value maximization vs.
GPs still hold a backlog of portfolio companies, many of which have required extended holding periods - adequate preparation to achieve value maximization on exit will be crucial to demonstrate a positive track record and persuade LPs to commit to new fundraisings.
Instead, this Comment criticizes Newmark's most incendiary ground for rescinding the poison pill: that because craigslist rejects shareholder value maximization, its action was motivated by an impermissible corporate purpose as a matter of law.
It is perhaps little surprise that the report's authors believe that the current responsibilities and incentives of bank boards make them weak forces for good governance through value maximization, if at all.
Streambank provides sound advice on value maximization strategies and liquidity options.
AstraZeneca continues to evaluate all alternatives for value maximization from this business and any final decision will only be made when the results of the review have concluded," the company said.
Tax laws and market conditions are constantly changing, and a corporation's ability to adopt a tax management program is critical to value maximization, the development of a sound tax strategy, and also helps minimize real estate operating costs.
Whether firms pursue shareholder value maximization or the maximization of stakeholder we(fare is a controversial issue whose outcomes seem irreconcilable.
The conference will focus on "Valuing the Cooperative Business in the 21st Century," and will include sessions that explore the value maximization of cooperative assets and business structure strategies for the future.