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The new OlivePad VT-100 will also enable users to read e-books as well browse the web via its webkit browser which comes with a flash support.
Regarding keystroke emulation, EA/2 accepts the most common terminal emulations, ANSI, VT-100, VT-200, VT-300, and VT-400.
User interface choices include native HTML for standard Web browsers, VT-100 displays and Telnet.--Proxim
No parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit VT-100 terminal emulation
By placing the interface on the client, Gopher is able to escape the tyranny of VT-100 terminal emulation.
PNMN requires that your computer emulate a VT-100 terminal.
However, it is not necessary that you use this program if your regular telecommunications software provides VT-100 terminal emulation.
It supports VT-100, VT-52, ADM-1, and T1910 trminal emulation.
For example, when ProComm emulates a VT-100 terminal, it uses F1 as the PF1 key, shifted F10 as the Enter key, and shift F4 as the keypad dash key.
The system is set up for ANSI, VT-100, or VT-102 terminals.
For example, any package capable of VT-100 emulation could have access to your LAN if pcANYWHERE III were acting as the Host.
The recommendation was to select the VT-100 terminal.