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1): each patient had substantial underlying concurrent conditions that contributed to the illnesses, genetic analysis of these isolates indicates that VRSA was not transmitted to or from another known VRSA patient, and no identified transmission occurred from patients to contacts.
As has been suggested by previously reported cases of VRSA, early identification of these patients is recommended to minimize antimicrobial selective pressure and enhance infection control efforts to reduce the potential for patient-to-patient transmission (5,7).
Now Midland hospitals are on high alert for the superbug and any incidence of VRSA.
CDC recommendations state: "Not all susceptibility testing methods detect VISA and VRSA isolates.
8] CFU/mL) on BHI agar with prolonged incubation, or vancomycin high-salt agar should not be reported as VRSA on a patient's medical record.
Another poster presented by the CDC showed the ability of VRE EVIGENE to detect all six known VRSA (Vancomycin-resistant S.
VersaPoint was founded in March 2000 through a strategic partnership between Amsterdam-based Versatel Telecom (Nasdaq and AEX: VRSA and San Francisco-based NorthPoint Communications (Nasdaq: NPNT).
OTCBB:CYGX) announces the preclinical development of CY403 a antibacterial compound that is specific against all strains of Staphylococcus aureus, especially resistant strains such as MRSA - Methicillin-resistant and VRSA - Vancomycin- resistant, popularly referred to as "superbugs".
This laboratory study demonstrated that CytoGenix CY401 inhibits growth of VRSA, bacteria that are resistant to approved doses of all antibiotic products.
and presented at the conference yesterday, compared the activities of several investigational antibiotics against one of the two strains of VRSA identified to date.