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Window VRDBs, first issued in 2009, are designed to offer MMFs an alternative to invest in a high credit quality instrument backed by the issuer-provided liquidity rather than a third-party financial institution.
7 million are VRDBs with a letter of credit from Bank of America, $260.
BHG's debt is 100% VRDBs, which exposes the organization to potential put, renewal and remarketing risks.
In addition, Fitch affirms the implied general obligation rating of 'AAA/F1+' on the Hall Family Foundation (HFF) and the 'AAA/F1+' rating on NGF's $60 million VRDBs, series 2004A.
At March 31, 2012, WH had approximately $60 million of VRDBs supported by LOCs: $22 million with PNC Bank and $38 million with Wells Fargo.
4 million was 100% VRDBs and management was evaluating several financing options to address its letter of credit renewal risks.
Due to the structure of the MHEFA series A VRDBs and UMBA series 2011-2 WINDOWS VRDBs (expected to be issued in May 2011), UMass will have at least several months of notice before being required to provide internal liquidity support.