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Wednesday's flash floods, which came after an overnight storm, turned roads into raging torrents of mud that flung cars against buildings, inundated homes and businesses and submerged part of a major highway, VOA News reported.
Islamabad April 09, 2014(VOA News)-Pakistani authorities said at least 20 people were killed and 39 others wounded in a bomb blast at a food market in Islamabad Wednesday.
Opened to South Korean tourists in 2002, the high-security "leisure enclave" sells US$4 coffees and US$10 pancakes and generates hard currency for the Kim regime, much like the army-run Cuban hotels that cater to Canadian "useful idiots." But according to VOA News (Oct.
Trinidad & Tobago's ruling party has won nine of 14 local government bodies in elections, reports VOA News (July 21, 2003).
"Our challenge," according to VOA News Director Sonja Pace, "is to bring not just the American and Allied point of view but all views, including the Yugoslav."
Pyongyang February 24, 2014(VOA News)-South Korea and the United States have begun annual military exercises over the objection of North Korea, which has claimed they are rehearsals for an invasion.
President Ricardo Maduro has ordered an investigation into the deaths of 68 people in a prison riot, reports VOA News (April 7, 2003).
Texts of daily VOA news broadcasts show that after an initial stumble the Voice of America is reporting the story credibly to millions of non-Americans.
"At least 70% [of the roughly 8,000 awaiting permission], and I think it's higher than that, probably closer to 80%, have direct, first-degree relatives in Israel," Rabbi Jerome Epstein, president of the North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry, told VOA News. "If the people who've made aliyah were Jewish, then these people are Jewish, too."
Paris October 30, 2013(VOA News)-Four French men who were held hostage by al-Qaida-linked militants in Niger have arrived home, ending a more than three-year ordeal.
The International Monetary Fund has approved US$4 million in emergency assistance for Grenada as the island nation recovers from Tropical Storm Lili, reports VOA News (Jan.
Tehran October 26, 2013(VOA News)-An Iranian judicial official says authorities have hanged 16 rebels, just hours after gunmen ambushed and killed 14 Iranian border guards.