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VGB was used in 88% of the children while ACTH was given to 50%.
[8] VGB Power Tech, Guideline: Protection Measures on Reinforced Concrete Cooling Towers and Chimneys against Operational and Environmental Impacts, VGB Power Tech, Essen, Germany, 3rd edition, 2010.
A closer examination of the first staff of the VGB reveals the people, place, and movement that launched this new profession.
The first universal message from the VGB congress was that renewables must assume their full role in the energy market.
He believes VGB therapy could save the NHS millions of pounds.
Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) remains the most common revisional procedure following failed VGB. RYGB had been shown to produce marked weight loss as a revisional procedure for previous y failed restrictive bariatric surgical procedures [7-9].
1926 was a momentous year because it also saw the establishment of the VGB within the New South Wales Department of Education (O'Neil, 1976; O'Neil 1977; Turtle & Orr, 1988).
NFC - Atlanta: at MIN, v STL; Chicago: vGB, at HOU; Carolina: atNYG, at NO; Dallas: v BAL, at PHI; Minnesota: v ATL, v NYG; Philadelphia: atWAS, v DAL; Tampa Bay: v SD, v OAK.
Se emplearon compuestos antiepilepticos que activan el sistema GABAergico tal como vigabatrina (VGB), gabapentina (GBP) y diazepam (DZP).
"Large Scale C[O.sub.2] Capture--Applying the Concept of [O.sub.2]/C[O.sub.2] Combustion to Commercial Process Data." VGB Powertech 10: 1-5.b.