visual display unit

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visual display unit (VDU)

a means of displaying COMPUTER output, usually on a television-style screen or liquid crystal display unit.
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You may need stronger spectacles due to the extra demand on your eyes from using VDUs. If you do encounter problems, arrange an eye test with your optician.
Each member of staff has full VDU risk assessments - this involves assessing how they're sitting, the position of their PC, the way their desk is laid out and so on."
These results show, that compared with the VDU case, RS-232 eavesdropping has significantly different consequences with regard to information security.
The other is not so obvious in that it enables the patient to adopt a more natural posture when working at a visual display unit (VDU) screen or performing their general working duties.
Yes, there are a number of regulations which are designed to protect the health and safety of employees using VDUs.
Stress, visualdiscomfort,as well as aches and pains in the hands, wrists,arms or shoulders are just some of the problems that people who use VDUs incorrectly can suffer from.
They must also pay for glasses if you need them specifically for using a VDU and normal ones can't be used.
Newer, low radiation screens can give off far lower fields, but all VDUs give off higher fields at the back.
Eight personal computers and VDUs will be installed at Smithford Way.
Supplementary information is provided by interactive VDUs and some of the historic instruments, and reproductions of them, are to be played at live demonstrations planned both in the main exhibition spaces and in a small auditorium.
Visual problems are more common among those doing repetitive keyboard and screen work such as data entry, than amongst workers doing less intensive work, where VDUs are used intermittently.