visual display unit

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visual display unit (VDU)

a means of displaying COMPUTER output, usually on a television-style screen or liquid crystal display unit.
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34% atsakiusiuju rinktusi dabar VDU taikoma misruji mokymo (-si) buda (80% auditoriniu paskaitu ir 20% nuotolinio mokymo paskaitu Moodle aplinkoje), o tuo tarpu 33% apklausos dalyviu pasirinktu misruji mokymo (-si) buda su didesniu mokymo (-si) nuotoliniu budu santykiu nei siuloma dabar (pvz, 70% auditoriniu paskaitu ir 30% Moodle aplinkoje).
Take frequent breaks from looking at the VDU to give your eyes a rest.
Symptoms were assessed before and after fitting either the real device or a dummy to VDUs in the office.
The distance at which interception of data is possible is limited to several meters, while in the VDU case separation distances may be much larger.
Production on the unit has been cut back because the VDU could not process residual crude being produced by the CDU.
Yes, employers should make arrangements for VDU users to have regular eyesight tests.
A Karen Sparrow, senior optometrist at Vision Express, says: Using a VDU cannot make you long- or short-sighted - the condition will already have been there - but the high demands placed on the eyes can cause it to show up.
A shed was also was broken into in Faultlands Close, Nuneaton and a blue and white Honda 50cc moped, registration VDU 688X, stolen.
Companies are fast wising up to the cost of staff taking sick days due to migraine and other problems due to staring at a VDU for eight hours a day.
Nobody should sit less than one metre from the rear of a VDU - and magnetic fields can travel through walls.
A command electronic cockpit management system which monitors and controls car radio, telephone, navigation and TV through a VDU.
SIMtone VDU service delivers a virtualized, fully accessible and secure "PC in the cloud" experience to end users while eliminating the need for enterprise organizations to purchase and maintain costly layers of technology infrastructure that is typically associated with supporting distributed computing environments.