visual display unit

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visual display unit (VDU)

a means of displaying COMPUTER output, usually on a television-style screen or liquid crystal display unit.
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Second, until recently the definition of the exposure to VDU was difficult and erratic, as the use of computers and computer devices (i.e., mouse and keyboard) may be very heterogeneous and even a cut-off, based on the time spent at the VDU, has been irregularly applied [16-20].
34% atsakiusiuju rinktusi dabar VDU taikoma misruji mokymo (-si) buda (80% auditoriniu paskaitu ir 20% nuotolinio mokymo paskaitu Moodle aplinkoje), o tuo tarpu 33% apklausos dalyviu pasirinktu misruji mokymo (-si) buda su didesniu mokymo (-si) nuotoliniu budu santykiu nei siuloma dabar (pvz, 70% auditoriniu paskaitu ir 30% Moodle aplinkoje).
Take frequent breaks from looking at the VDU to give your eyes a rest.
Each member of staff has full VDU risk assessments - this involves assessing how they're sitting, the position of their PC, the way their desk is laid out and so on."
Symptoms were assessed before and after fitting either the real device or a dummy to VDUs in the office.
The household appliance to make shopping even simpler looks like a basic fridge/freezer, but for the VDU and barcode scanner mounted at head height.
But it wasn't just one in three men looking for a bolt-hole where they could escape household hubbub or pretend to be working whilst they watched action replays on their VDU screen.
These results show, that compared with the VDU case, RS-232 eavesdropping has significantly different consequences with regard to information security.
The refinery has been running at 32 per cent, or 85,000 bpd, since April 15 when the 91,000 bpd VDU was shut, the last of a string of four major production unit outages last month that began with an April 8 fire on a coking unit.
The project was also to include installation of a VDU and a crude distillation unit (CDU) to improve the production of higher-quality gasoil/diesel.
For example, when the danger was reviewed in 1995 it was found to be insignificant (Burns D, Obstfeld H and Saunders J: Should VDU users have special attention for their eyesight?