visual display unit

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visual display unit (VDU)

a means of displaying COMPUTER output, usually on a television-style screen or liquid crystal display unit.
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Didziajai daugumai apklaustuju VDU nuolatiniu studiju studentu anglu kalbos mokymasis yra neatsiejamas nuo technologiju ir virtualiosios mokymosi aplinkos, leidzianciu kurti efektyvesni mokymo (-si) proceso bei veiklu organizavima.
Employers must either give adequate breaks to employees who are using VDUs or ensure that they may work on other activities away from the screen.
Tri lenses provide an intermediate focus which is especially useful for presbyopic patients whose near or habitual reading prescription does not allow/ for a clear focus at the VDU working distance, which then precludes the use of bifocal lenses.
End-users can now securely access their desktop via any browser with the newly announced WebSNAP, which provides browser-based SIMtone VDU service access from public PCs and private networks, such as client offices or hotel kiosks, in addition to using the downloadable SoftSNAP application for Windows XP and Vista.
The full featured SIMtone VDU enterprise service offering provides many new capabilities including, local printing support via USB, automatic time zone adjustment service, and plug-and-play connectivity for Windows XP or Linux virtual hosted servers.
Transient myopia--distance vision blurred after VDU use
If you seriously have a good idea that will revolutionise the way people do business using a VDU, I will put you in touch with our friends at Loughborough University, who are always ready to listen.
Aydin will supply all of the VDUs over the next 18 months to upgrade 50 Weapons Systems Control Consoles and 19 other trainer and test facilities, as a portion of the Service Life Extension Program (SLEP).
They must also pay for glasses if you need them specifically for using a VDU and normal ones can't be used.
MAXimilian 2001 Basic, which will eliminate the need for the menu-based VDU, will provide enhanced guest room management and administrative efficiencies.
JIM MADDISON, 62, a VDU operator of Failsworth, Manchester, said: "It annoys me that I'm paying a high rate of council tax and he's living it up in the Maldives.
QI'M pregnant and worried about the effects of the VDU I use at work on my unborn baby.