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Et Uxor

A Latin phrase meaning "and the wife." It is used in legal documents to identify a man's wife as party to a proceeding even though she is otherwise unmentioned. This is most common in property and marital cases. It is often abbreviated "et ux." The equivalent when a woman's husband is mentioned but not named is "et vir."

et ux

From the Latin et uxor,meaning “and wife.”Used in deeds and deed records.Usage arose in the 1300s in England,when wives had no legal identity and therefore were not named in legal instruments.Despite the dramatic change in circumstances today,one still sees deed references to “John Jones et ux…”

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Hiera fuit, uxor Thelephi, mulier omnium (quas Prothesilaus vidit) maxima et pulcherrima.
3: 'Regis caritatis intuitu dedit et concessit Emme que fuit uxor Nicholi filius Johannis de Rughford in sustentacionem suam et liberorum suorum quibus multum oneratur.
uxor mea Constancia regina fabricauit in eodem loco, prope aulam beatorum martyrum Sanctorum Facundi et Primitiui; et illam ecclesiam uocabulo Sancte Marie Magdalene, quam in eodem palacio dedicauerunt; etiam et illud balneum quod ipsamet uxor mea composuit prope illos palacios, simul cum uno molino in eodem loco fabricato.
Uxor operates within the bounds of what is local and familiar, a bond that is strengthened by the wife's concern for her gossips whom she is unwilling to abandon.
Uxor sounds like Egyptian Luxor, or Hypoluxo, Florida's neologistic stab at a resort.
Asi, vemos como se repiten una y otra vez terminos como uxor, carta, uinea, terra, ereditate, iuro/iure, dominio, uendere, donare, excomunicatus, comprare, etc.
8) Jerome, assuming virginity to be prerequisite to the saintly life, translated gune in the Latin Vulgate as mulier (woman) rather than uxor (wife).
Num documento de 573, lemos assim uxor sua in libertate permaneat, "sua mulher fique em liberdade", ao inves da construcao latina uxor eius e, por outro lado, o A.
281-301, first published in Revue des etudes italiennes, 36 (1990), 89-104) which points out that Alberti's first major work De familia does not appear in a vacuum, but belongs in that early humanist context that had produced Francesco Barbaro's De re uxoria (1415-16), Palmieri's Della vita civile, Bruni's Vita di Dante, and Poggio's An seni sit uxor ducenda (all written in the 1430s, and all dealing with questions of marriage and the family).
la parle Uxor Mempsigamos sive Coniugium, 1523, un dialogo de dos mujeres), antes ya escribio Bracciolini, Dialogus an seni sit uxor ducenda (1439), y en el contexto espanol: Cristobal de Castillejo, Dialogo de las condiciones de las mujeres (1544), satira social y misogina; la doctrina de Lujan, Los Coloquios matrimoniales (1550) y, sobre un tema general, Perez de Oliva, Dialogo de la dignidad del hombre (1546)--pleito entre dos hombres, parecido al presente Papel joqui-serio, que extienden en monologos sus diferentes posiciones sobre la concepcion del hombre.
Brown draws attention to the fact that Uxor did not merely provide women spectators with a star comic entertainer, but also embodied a well-loved tradition of virago figures who defended the weak against the strong.
Adriana, on the contrary, is defined in terms of the driven goal directedness of an early modern wife, not merely the Matrona of Amphitruo or the shrewish uxor dotata (wife who has inherited money from her father) of Menaechmi.