capacity utilization rate

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Capacity utilization rate

The percentage of the economy's total plant and equipment that is currently in production. Usually, a decrease in this percentage signals an economic slowdown, while an increase signals economic expansion.

Capacity Utilization Rate

The extent to which a company uses its facilities at capacity, expressed as a percentage. That is, the capacity utilization rate states how much a company produces as a percentage of what it can produce. For example, if a factory produces 1,000 widgets per day but could produce 2,000 for the same cost, it has a capacity utilization rate of 50%. The capacity utilization rate is most useful for companies producing goods rather than services because goods are simply easier to quantify.

capacity utilization rate

the ratio of designed CAPACITY to used capacity.
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This is likely to continue, and based on the correlation between backlogs in our business index and capacity utilization, capacity utilization could reach 80% in 2015 for the first time since January 2007, and capacity utilization could average more than 80% for the first time since 2006.
By blending data with scientific methodology, Manhattan Analytics provides a comprehensive view of space utilization, capacity, square footage, lease expirations and total cost of operations across client's real estate and facilities portfolios, and enables all opt-in clients to benchmark against a database of peer organizations in real time on an aggregated level.
Bocada Enterprise 5 helps data protection departments better achieve operational excellence with industry-leading technology; including the launch of a new media module to better assess drive and library utilization, capacity, health and occupancy.
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Sun and Coalsere are working together to deliver the vision of unifying compute, network and storage resources to provide increased utilization, capacity and performance for just in time computing.
The analysis, a subset of Attune Systems' innovative Symphony Services suite, will analyze data usage and heterogeneous server performance based on parameters such as latency, throughput, CPU utilization, memory utilization, capacity utilization, as well as file type, file duplication, file access or file-aging metrics.
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By layering StorageNetworks expertise and software technology on top of Hitachi's leading data storage products, we will enable our customers to combat their most common data storage challenges such as poor asset utilization, capacity planning and/or the resulting low-availability of storage," said Bill Miller, co-founder and chief technology officer of StorageNetworks.
The network's scale presents challenges to gathering the data needed to address current and future utilization, capacity planning, performance profiling, system-wide data analysis, and communication of that analysis to those who control IT purchases and budgets.
Using the SMI-S interface, the IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Data provides a comprehensive capacity management solution including enterprise-wide reporting and monitoring, and policy-based management to improve utilization, capacity planning, and application availability on Engenio storage arrays.
InfoVista is deployed to provide reporting capabilities for systems, network utilization, capacity planning and forecasting of Arsenal's storage and network infrastructure by way of monitoring and reporting on Arsenal's servers, databases, operating system, network devices, and storage arrays and tape backups.