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The additional studies performed also followed the pattern of placing a hedonic option against a utilitarian one.
can both have utilitarian features and also have an overall appearance
Using a multisource and time-lag research design in the Chinese context, we aimed to explore the relationship between utilitarian orientation and employee's in-role and extrarole performance.
On the other hand, the utilitarian prize should induce the program's participants to the prevention regulatory state, which will also result in the program's rules appraisal under such focus, i.
For example, when people must choose whether to harm one person to save many, emotional processes typically support one type of non-utilitarian response, such don't harm the individual, while controlled processes support the utilitarian response, such as save the greatest number of lives.
Utilitarian clay was set up to foster the sharing of ideas and its platform made it accessible for everyone to contribute to the dialogue.
The purpose of this study was to experimentally test interpretation of the BPM by evaluating the effects of utilitarian and informational e-mail stimuli/situations on the conversion rate of consumers interested in children's books.
Harris's utilitarian ethics entails altruism, because in order to advance the greatest happiness for others, an individual must sacrifice his own values.
Utilitarian was the descriptive label of prior arts education justification given by arts educators espousing aesthetic education who sought to justify the arts as part of the general school curriculum on a new footing.
punishment explicitly focused on utilitarian goals can satisfy
157) The economic analysis of copyright law, which builds on this basic utilitarian framework, further posits that the system attempts to provide creators with the most socially efficient incentive mechanism, represented in the incentives-access tradeoff.
It took an otherwise utilitarian building and elevated it to real public-building stature," commented Viktors Jaunkalns of Toronto-based MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects.