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Enterprise Zone

An area that has special incentives available for those who start companies or other organizations. For example, an enterprise zone may offer tax cuts to small businesses that open inside its jurisdiction. Enterprise zones are a popular way to rejuvenate dilapidated areas or otherwise to promote economic development.

enterprise zone

a small area scheduled by the British authorities for special financial assistance and to encourage industrial expansion. Enterprise Zones were superseded by Tier 1 ASSISTED AREAS in 2000. See REGIONAL POLICY.

enterprise zone

An area with the availability of tax incentives, grant money, or low-cost loans offered by local government in order to assist in revitalization.

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Companies that relocate to the state's Urban Enterprise Zones are eligible to receive a host of balance sheet-enhancing benefits, such as sales tax exemptions on equipment and supplies, including building materials; corporate tax credits for hiring certain designated employee groups; and subsidized unemployment insurance costs.
Urban Enterprise Zones in New Jersey: Have They Made a Difference?
Right now, welfare reformers focus on carrots and sticks for single mothers; black political leaders plump for public works projects; New Democrats and New Paradigm conservatives press for urban enterprise zones or tenant ownership of public housing.
For more on urban enterprise zones, see accompanying box.
Some current proposals appear to have been pulled off the Vietnam shelf: Jack Kemp's urban enterprise zones resemble the strategic hamlet program; sending advisers to Peru recalls widening the war into Cambodia; stressing the number of people put behind bars sounds like body counts.
May 23 -- The five top writers of car insurance are among the companies that have fallen short of writing coverage in the state's 28 urban enterprise zones, and have been ordered to meet their quotas by year end.
In the meantime, the public comment has been closed on the proposed creation of a special insurance exchange to keep car insurance rates from skyrocketing in the urban enterprise zones once the new map is approved.
designating urban enterprise zones and empowerment zones for a targeted federal purchases, locating the proposed Federal Manufacturing Technology Outreach Centers in those zones, and providing a portion of U.
Clinton further promises to try to set up a national network of community development banks to provide small loans to low-income entrepreneurs and to create urban enterprise zones.
The Paterson PD teamed with the City of Paterson to create a video surveillance system to patrol the city's Urban Enterprise Zones, using wireless cameras, large-scale storage and intuitive video application software in order to increase the protection of the business community by making better use of the officers on patrol and speeding responses to calls for assistance.
The administration also called for creating urban enterprise zones in 300 areas nationwide.
President Bush vetoed legislation in April to extend expiring municipal tax priorities - municipal mortgage revenue and small issue industrial development bonds, and the low income and targeted jobs tax credit programs - and to create urban enterprise zones.

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