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Enterprise Zone

An area that has special incentives available for those who start companies or other organizations. For example, an enterprise zone may offer tax cuts to small businesses that open inside its jurisdiction. Enterprise zones are a popular way to rejuvenate dilapidated areas or otherwise to promote economic development.

enterprise zone

a small area scheduled by the British authorities for special financial assistance and to encourage industrial expansion. Enterprise Zones were superseded by Tier 1 ASSISTED AREAS in 2000. See REGIONAL POLICY.

enterprise zone

An area with the availability of tax incentives, grant money, or low-cost loans offered by local government in order to assist in revitalization.

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It would provide for 50 rural and urban enterprise zones.
He also developed the legal framework for the Vineland Urban Enterprise Zone Second Generation Loan Fund that has since become a model for similar programs throughout the state.
As a registered category 4 small business enterprise and certified urban enterprise zone, Kiely Equipment Co.
Furthermore, Proformance received modest private passenger automobile rate increases, reduced assigned Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) business through increased voluntary writings, which have lower loss ratios and adjusted its tier rating plan and territorial relativities.
One such available program is the Urban Enterprise Zone, which offers greater incentives to tenants, including: Sales tax exemptions on equipment and supplies, including building materials; Corporate tax credits for hiring within designated employee groups; Qualified retail businesses may charge only 3.
Barbara Carey-Shuler, Chair of the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners, held a press conference today to propose the modification of Florida's Urban Enterprise Zone Program.
The city of Newark offers an unrivaled value proposition, in part due to the Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit, but also because of Newark's Urban Enterprise Zone, which offers a host of additional economic incentives that drastically reduce the cost of relocating a business to the city.
The new initiative is a modification and improvement of Florida's current Urban Enterprise Zone Program, which sunsets next year.
Mayor Jose "Joey" Torres and the Paterson City Council will maximize the programs within the City of Paterson Department of Community Development; the Urban Enterprise Zone and the Economic Development Program managed by the Paterson Restoration Corporation to spearhead the public/private effort to attract new business while retaining core businesses.
A $250,000 New Jersey Seed Capital Fund loan for a high-technology company and a $500,000 loan from the Fund for Community Economic Development to help Perth Amboy establish a revolving loan program fund to stimulate investment with the city's Urban Enterprise Zone were also approved.
Corporations that lease space at Amboy Corporate Center are eligible for urban enterprise zone (UEZ) benefits.
Motor Club's premium to surplus ratio no longer meets industry standards, its share of urban enterprise zone ("UEZ") business (where it writes double its required amount) is disproportionately high, and A.

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