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On an exchange, a transaction in which a security was traded at the higher price than its previous trade. Some regulations and rules on exchanges only permit certain transactions following an uptick or a zero-plus tick, though some, such as the short sale rule, have become obsolete with increased digitalization of the market. An uptick is also called a plus tick.


An upward price movement for a security transaction compared with the preceding transaction of the same security. Also called plus tick. Compare downtick.


An uptick is the smallest possible incremental increase in a security's price, which, for stocks, is one cent. So when there's an uptick in a stock selling at $20.25 cents, the new price is $20.26 cents.

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The Index also measured stronger-than-average up-ticks in online job demand in the Baltimore and Washington, D.
The Mid-Atlantic region registered the sharpest growth in online job availability during the month due to sharp up-ticks in New York and New Jersey and among business and financial operations; and architecture and engineering occupations.
In today's business climate, organizations cannot afford to overspend on equipment just to be sure their operations can handle momentary up-ticks in demand or an outage," commented Catherine Dupuy-Holdich, Esker Fax Product Manager.
While still near their historic lows, up-ticks in interest rates coupled with the continued increase in the median home price will push affordability in California to a new all-time annual low of 15 percent next year.
We are seeing up-ticks in customer demand across the sector and we are pursuing specific opportunities to execute our revenue growth plan.
Broad-based NOI declines are impacting all property sectors across widespread geographic areas, and the softer markets will continue to see up-ticks in delinquent loans.
From the retail segment, to the manufacturing sector, the Fed's report suggested modest up-ticks in activity, coupled with constrained inflation," stated Peter Antipatis.
Aside from being the sharpest increase in almost two years, the January retail sales spurt follows the 1 percent gain witnessed in December, as well as two up-ticks in October and November.
Everyone complains about "rising oil prices," especially when consumers see steady up-ticks in gas prices.