oral contract

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Oral contract

A contract not recorded on paper or on computer, but made vocally which is usually enforceable.

Oral Contract

A contract concluded by mutual agreement between the parties but is not written. In general, an oral contract is equally valid as a written one, though some contracts, such as those dealing with transfers of real estate, must be written. However, oral contracts can be more difficult to enforce in a court of law if there are no witnesses or other evidence attesting to the existence of the oral contract.

oral contract

A verbal agreement that is enforceable unless it falls within the Statute of Frauds. The problem with most oral contracts is not one of technical enforceability; it is one of proof. Unless both parties to a dispute have a clear recollection of the exact terms of the contract, and they are both truthful, a jury will have to decide whether a contract exists and the terms of that contract.

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The Great Unwritten Contract idea only makes sense if entertaining consumers actually persuades them to buy more.
Ecologists are ethically obliged, by the unwritten contract between society and the scientific enterprise, to tell the world of these wounds and to help find ways to bind and heal them.
This unwritten contract is laden with a powerful emotional charge, and if management violates it, employees will react accordingly: if they don't get, they won't give.
Beginning with the concept of the psychological contract the authors identify the developments to date and highlight the problems inherent in its being an implicit and unwritten contract.
In this case, the unwritten contract in which the samurai and local elite were given control over the fruits of the peasantry's labor in return for protection and survival was no longer being fulfilled by the samurai.
A serious breach of the unspoken, unwritten contract that must exist among all well-meaning people is the abuse of a dancer's trust.
3 million payout, a UO spokeswoman said that the two had met last July, discussed Bellotti's employment conditions and come to an oral agreement that amounted to a binding but unwritten contract, and that the payout was a fulfillment of that obligation.
Or I'll see the place obviously not being loved like we loved it - and I'll feel a certain regret, realizing the new folks have broken the unwritten contract of homeowners.
Toxic leadership, where it exists, "represents a violation of the unwritten contracts with the American people about how their sons and daughters should be treated while in service to the nation.