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875 percent Senior Unsecured Debentures Series A, due November 26, 2012, including the applicable make-whole premium, and the remainder for general corporate purposes.
These Debentures rank pari passu with Dundee REIT s other outstanding senior unsecured Debentures.
253% series A Senior Unsecured debentures due October 3, 2018; CND 250m aggregate principal amount of 4.
In September 2012, $1 billion Series C senior unsecured debentures constituting part of the equity units were remarketed in two tranches, with the remaining $1.
In February 2011, the company sold USD150m (EUR122m) of senior unsecured debentures in a deal handled by RBC Capital Markets and Credit Suisse (NYSE:CS).
The Unsecured Debentures and the warrants were sold to six unaffiliated institutional and accredited investors.
These debentures will rank pari passu with the Company s outstanding senior unsecured debentures.
00% convertible senior unsecured debentures due 30 November 2012 with certain holders of original debentures.
2m) series E unsecured debentures of University of Toronto.
a-" on $350 million 7% senior unsecured debentures, due 2028
54% senior unsecured debentures of Toronto Hydro Corp, the provider of energy services to the metropolitan area and other parts of Ontario.
8% fixed-floater senior unsecured debentures due 2035 at 'A+';