paper gain

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Paper gain (loss)

Unrealized capital gain (loss) on securities held in a portfolio based on a comparison of current market price to original cost.
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Paper Gain

A gain on an investment that has not yet been realized. That is, a paper gain occurs when the current price of a security is higher than the price the holder paid for it, but the holder still owns the security. As a result, there is the possibility that the paper gain might be erased if the price goes back down. A paper gain represents an increase in one's net worth, but it may or may not affect one's lifestyle. See also: Paper loss.
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paper gain

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"As this Court has previously held, 'the award of unrealized profits cannot be based on the sole testimony of the party claiming it,'" it added.
It likewise held Ruben's employer (ACI), jointly and severally liable ordering both to pay actual damages for the miscellaneous expenses of the severed left leg unrealized profits for her restaurant and beauty salons as well as moral damages and exemplary damages and attorney's fees.
CLF saw notable flow ahead of the profit report as well, including an opening buyer of 10K Aug 7 calls yesterday and a massive spread Monday: an investor sold 40K Jan 6 puts at 21c to buy 20K Jan 11 calls for 35c and 20K Jan 12 calls for 22c (now up $8M in unrealized profits after the spike in shares today).
The DMCI further stressed that it stands to lose about P4.27 billion in capital investments and unrealized profits, including the P1.28 billion it already spent for the construction of the condominium as of May last year, should the Court grant the petition.
Large corporations with long histories often possess a wide variety of investment properties with unrealized profits. (19) The number of investors' requests to ensure the reliability of the fair value of investment properties increases as the unrealized profit of the investment property increases.
The allegations were that Yang and Fan purchased 2,571 call options and 58,000 shares of Zhongpin stock for a total of $688,962 shortly before the deal announcement, after which they had unrealized profits of $733,006; Prestige purchased more than 3 million shares of stock shortly before the announcement, after which it had unrealized profits of $7.6 million; and Chang purchased 4,035 call options and 32,500 shares of stock for a total of $446,895, which yielded unrealized profits of $828,188 after the announcement.
Cathay registered NT$2.356 billion (US$78.53 million) in profits in the first three quarters, resulting in NT$135.8 billion (US$4.53 billion) in net worth in the third quarter, with unrealized profits increasing NT$17.6 billion (US$586.67 million), mainly due to rebounding stock market.
For most retailers there is no large single change they can make that will uncover a large hidden hoard of unrealized profits.
Comments to the fair value topics Unrealized profits and possible erosion of capital
A valuation for GM at the high end of that range would also mean taxpayers could be sitting on unrealized profits of about $10 billion on the government s stake in the automaker.
The 2009 performance was mainly driven by the gains in its hedge fund and derivatives portfolio leading to KD8.6 million and KD5.9 million on realized and unrealized profits in comparison with realized and unrealized loss of KD 2.9 million and KD 19.9 million respectively in the previous year.