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THE Ritz casino has won a High Court battle to recover PS1 million on unpaid cheques from a wealthy gambling addict.
"The landlord, within his legal right, has initiated a criminal case against me for unpaid cheques, even though they know what the situation is.
Any changes should involve notifications of unpaid cheques now being advised electronically.
Cahoot suits me as I can keep an eye on my money wherever I am, but it also has a good overdraft buffer, so if I do spend more than I have, I won't face hefty fines or unpaid cheques. This business is difficult enough to try to organise your finances round - Cahoot help as much as possible with text messages to my mobile and the free overdraft buffer.
Last is the post office whose role in the game was very limited until the State Bank of Pakistan enhanced it under its proposal that the banks should mail back the paid bills or unpaid cheques to the customers.
In a written reply to the question of Col (r) Tahir Hussain Mashhadi, he said Rs 5.611 billion liabilities were of GPF, Rs 0.008 billion were to be paid to staff benefits funds, Rs 27.198 billion were outstanding foreign loans, Rs 39.949 billion were overdraft from SBP, Rs 5.659 billion were outstanding of securities and deposits and 0.092 billion liabilities regarding unpaid cheques on June 30, 2013.
"The problem is that unpaid cheques incur interest and car agents charge about two per cent a day for the unpaid money.
Some banks return unpaid cheques with the remarks of "insufficient funds" even when actual reasons of dishonour or defects in the instruments are different.