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The Affected Inter-Op[TM] shells and Affected Natural Knees7 implanted in Plaintiffs and the Class and Subclasses were unsafe, unmerchantable, unfit for use in the body, and otherwise injurious to Plaintiffs and the Class and subclasses.
These leading-edge technologies will enable Rentech to turn primarily unmerchantable and underutilized timber into clean, renewable jet fuel.
Off Wool--Any wool of inferior quality; a fleece that is otherwise known as discounts, rejections, or unmerchantable wools.
Biomass from logging residues such as limbs, tops, and otherwise unmerchantable trees is viewed as a viable feedstock for meeting increased demand (Perlack and Stokes 2011).
These include tree tops, cull trees or portions of trees, individual and stands of unmerchantable and unmarketable trees.
Your Mini was definitely of unmerchantable quality, so I think you have a case.
Without the aid of smoking-gun documents, plaintiffs' lawyers could attempt to prove that some food is unmerchantable under a broader definition of addiction.
It would have been a proposal that focused on the safety of people living nearest forest lands, with labor intensive removal of the most flammable brush and choked, small, often unmerchantable tree stands.
Without wood-fired energy plants willing to buy forest chips, all of the biomass would have been left as logging residues and unmerchantable ladder fuel trees.
Contact Trading Standards, who may be able to make a case of unmerchantable quality.
Evidence that the pacemaker was one of a specific group of devices which had a "possibility" or "risk" of failure over and above what is referred to as a "background or random risk of failure" was enough to deem it unmerchantable.