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They should have taken responsibility for the driver's safety and the delivery and unloading operation.
When not connected to an SRV, the unloading buoy will be submerged 60-70 feet below the sea surface.
Although a provisional patent has been filed and the group hopes that the unloading shoes will one day be marketed as a therapeutic intervention, they do not currently have any company affiliations.
Specializes in hard-to-handle, abrasive or friable materials, railcar unloading of bulk materials, and in-plant batching and weighing.
Additionally, the statistical sampling of indentation testing is dramatically improved over getting one set of values for a given test from analysis of the unloading curve slope (see Sec.
Japanese banks with nationwide branch networks, known as ''city banks,'' and regional banks were net sellers for the 26th straight week, unloading a net 35.
Clayson, who is part of what the military considers one of the most intense unloading of equipment ever performed, said, "It can get pretty hectic, but we're doing OK.
NEON Unload delivers consistent high performance in unloading IMS databases, even when the database is highly disorganized.
An apparatus for loading lumber onto pallets so as to provide a stack of lumber layers separated by pallets for drying in a kiln, and for dismantle after drying includes a first elongated lumber-carrying conveyor, an elongated pallet-loading structure positioned in parallel with the first lumber-carrying conveyor, and an elongated stile-loading and unloading conveyor located between the first lumber-carrying conveyor and the elongated pallet-loading structure and positioned in parallel therewith.
The TCM uses these components to control the loading and unloading of the tape into the drive, support the tape in the drive, and support other drive modules.
Unloading and reloading databases are typically the longest, most costly IMS procedures.
13 Kyodo Two British cargo ships that delivered mixed oxide (MOX) fuel to Japan have finished unloading the fuel at two separate nuclear power plants and left for home Wednesday.