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On appeal, the Second Circuit reversed, holding that the district judge could not attempt to predetermine the value of an unliquidated damages claim, and therefore federal diversity jurisdiction was proper.
2d at 100 (asserting unliquidated damages difficult for judge to quantify).
The Court reserves jurisdiction to enter an award of attorneys' fees, unliquidated damages upon proper showing thereof, and costs.
In Broward County, determining common law unliquidated damages for a violation of civil rights, a cause of action which did not exist at common law, was held to be a "purely judicial function.
c]ommon law undeniably recognized actions for unliquidated damage awards.
Alpha Tire claims liquidated damages from South China in the amount of US$314,302 and claims unliquidated damages in excess of US$10 million in respect of the termination of a consulting agreement which related to the Guilin Tire Factory.