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The casting out of a tenant from a tenancy. For example, a landlord may evict a resident of an apartment for non-payment of rent. Eviction may occur for a tenant's violations of the lease agreement. In general, however, the landlord must give notice a certain number of days before an eviction may take place.
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The process of denying possession to a tenant.It may be one of the following:

• Actual, as when the landlord obtains a court order that the tenant vacate the premises or have his or her goods and person removed by law enforcement officials.

• Constructive, as when the landlord allows a condition to continue that renders the premises, or a part of the premises, incapable of possession and enjoyment.

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Courts may declare lease contracts even in a summary action for unlawful detainer because, precisely, void contracts do not produce legal effect and cannot be the source of any rights.
Q: What is the purpose of an unlawful detainer suit?
Moreover, prior to Yolly's filing of the unlawful detainer case, Ed had already instituted actions for nullification of the Deed and falsification of public documents.
Accordingly, in forcible entry, the plaintiff must allege in the complaint and prove that he was in prior physical possession of the property in litigation until he was deprived thereof by the defendant, but in unlawful detainer, the plaintiff need not have prior physical possession of the property, or, elsewise stated, prior physical possession is not an indispensable requirement in an unlawful detainer case.
Q: Will the courts be deprived of its power to hear and decide an unlawful detainer case if the government owned the land in dispute and did not authorize the plaintiff or the defendant to occupy the land?
Bautista pointed out that as of June last year, total government income losses from the Payanig sa Pasig property had breached the P1billion mark as cases for unlawful detainer against other illegal tenants in the 18.5hectare estate continue in court.
The case stemmed from the "unlawful detainer" complaint filed in the municipal court by Sen.
Matters include contract disputes, commercial and residential foreclosures, and real estate related actions such as lease terminations, unlawful detainers, and broker commission disputes.
Rental history reports provide you with information such as any evictions, failure to pay rent cases, unlawful detainers, writs, judgment, etc., at any address associated with the name, social security number and date of birth for the past 7 years.
With civil pleadings, unlawful detainers go the head of the line because hearings have to be set within 30 days.