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Cha, "Empirical evaluation of SVM-based masquerade detection using UNIX commands," Computers & Security, vol.
And UNIX commands can be used to perform automated back-ups across UNIX and Windows systems.
* a set of regular UNIX regular programs/ daemons (like: cron, which allows the execution of commands or scripts at a specified date and time) and selected UNIX commands, useful for obtaining specific information from the operating system or network (like: ping, netstat, ps, cat, etc.)
The Xgrid Console has an intuitive Aqua interface that makes it easy to execute UNIX commands, run shell scripts or feed applications across a cluster.
The Xgrid Console is used to manage the available resources as well as execute Unix commands, run shell scripts, and deploy applications across the cluster.
Here is a desktop reference that provides an explanation of virtually every command and utility on Mac OS X Jaguar, and offers thorough coverage of Mac OS X's Unix commands. With detailed advice and documentation on system configuration, the volume extensively covers System Preferences and the use of the Finder and Dock, as well as the new Mac OS X folder structure.