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A group of securities, assets or anything else with similar characteristics. One may consider, for example, a universe of stocks in the same industry. Universes are useful when comparing one data point to others in order to maintain control over systematic factors.
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In the world of investments, the word universe refers to a specific group or category of investments that share certain characteristics.

A universe might be the stocks that are included in a particular index, the stocks evaluated by a particular analytical service, or all the stocks in a particular industry.

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Since system of coordinates does not enter the covariant tensor formulation of Einstein's field equations, the equations are equally valid for the negative dimensions of the negative universe. The most general form of Einstein's field equations in the positive universe is the following
Due to this theory, many scientists believe that the Big Bang, which is credited as the creator of the entire universe, was actually a black hole.
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A century ago, the "universe" was supposedly everything that existed, mainly just the Milky Way galaxy and some fuzzy nebulae at an unknown distance.
Space and time were united in a new dimension, space-time, which is no longer a passive background as described by Newton, but is an active player in shaping the Universe. General relativity improved Newton's theory, which could only predict motions up to galactic scale, to be able to deal with collections of matter on a cosmic scale.
This arises from surprising observations made by astronomers: Stars move in ways that suggest there is far more matter in galaxies than we can see, while measurements of supernovas and cosmic radiation show that the universe's expansion is accelerating as if driven by some mysterious energy.
Similarly, if you were able to step back from the universe and just listen, you would hear the collective sound of the universe, and that sound is Aura.
Caught in their daily routines, they live out their lives in a universe whose incredibly vast and complex systems are present in their consciousness only to the extent allowed by a pervasive scientism which conceives the beginning of the universe as a remote, nebulous, and indeed unascertainable affair.