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1. See: Security.

2. Any tool that a government may use to influence the economy. Common instruments include setting prevailing interest rates, raising or lowering taxes, and awarding contracts to the private sector to stimulate demand for goods and services.

3. See: Contract.


A legal document, such as a check, a security, or a will.


A written legal document.

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Universal Instrument Services was established in 1966 and now employs 26 people.
What we don't have is the whole package pulled together into a universal instrument.
Additional results will be published by BTU International, The AREA Consortium and the Advance Process Laboratory at Universal Instruments Corp.
Universal Instruments is in the design and manufacture of advanced automation and assembly equipment solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry.
Interested readers who cannot access my books will at least find there my survey articles such as "Qibla" on the sacred direction of Islam; "Makka, As centre of the world" on sacred geography; "Miqat" on astronomical timekeeping and the regulation of the times of prayer; "Samt" for the first mention of Makkahcentered world-maps; and on various categories of instruments: "Mizwala" on sundials; "Rub'" on quadrants, "Shakkaziyya" on universal instruments; "Tasa" on the magnetic compass; and "Zidj" (with Julio Samso) on astronomical tables.
Previously, Stellhorn held account sales and management positions with Universal Instruments for 19 years.
However, those who support this position are not always in favor of translating it into a regional Arab charter of human rights, lest such a document provide Arab peoples, who are under conditions of authoritarian regimes, less rights than what they already have under universal instruments already ratified by two- thirds of the Arab states.(3)
An example: Universal Instruments, a New York-based supplier of electronic equipment, found that its customers needed more than machines.
Direct links to the official texts of national animal laws are provided for almost one hundred different countries from around the world, as well as all the listing of European, international and universal instruments dealing with animal welfare.
Sure, a few companies have changed hands: Mydata was bought out by Micronic; Dover divested Universal Instruments to Francisco Partners, which in turn sold it to Patriarch Partners; ASM took Siplace off Siemens' hands, and H2 Equity Partners did the same for Philips with Assembleon.
“I'm very excited about my new position with Universal Instruments Corporation and feel that it's a great opportunity to pull from my diversified experience and provide significant benefit to our customers,” noted Poet.
Dover hasn't said whether it will sell the businesses piecemeal, as it did with Universal Instruments and Vitronics-Soltec in 2006.

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