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It could make it harder for emerging-market countries to boost their money supply and shore up faltering economic growth; it could add to declines in the euro; and it could damp demand for United States Treasury bonds. "It's a big challenge for emerging markets," Stephen Jen, a former International Monetary Fund economist who's co-founder of SLJ Macro Partners in London, said.
After all, corporate borrowers do not borrow at the "risk-free" yield of, say, United States Treasury bonds, and evidence shows that monetary expansion can push down the interest rate on government debt, but have hardly any effect on new bank lending to firms or households.
If no deal to raise the debt ceiling is reached by August 3, interest rates on United States Treasury bonds could spike, or they could remain stable, as investors decide they have other problems to worry about.
Why, directly into United States Treasury bonds! Quite the opposite of being vulnerable to crisis, the US Treasury is the largest, most obvious, most notorious and greatest beneficiary.
It is also not a simple matter for White House economic adviser Lawrence Summers to have to reassure Beijing and say that the Chinese have nothing to worry about regarding the money they invested in the United States treasury bonds.
Currencies are plunging from Mexico to Malaysia as lenders and investors pull money out to park it in United States Treasury bonds. Pakistan, Iceland, Turkey and El Salvador, along with several Eastern European countries, have already asked the International Monetary Fund for help to pay foreign creditors.
Since the DB plan is an obligation of the United States government, it is essentially a risk free asset equivalent to United States Treasury bonds.
According to data from Merrill Lynch & Co., junk bonds on average now yield just 262 basis points more than United States Treasury bonds, almost the lowest level since 1997.
Graham Halksworth (69) who helped pioneer fingerprint evidence, authenticated 2.5 trillion dollars of bogus United States Treasury bonds he knew were fake.

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