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In the United States prices are free, but Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and other Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) create formularies of "preferred" drugs that physicians and patients are encouraged to use via price incentives.
London: Brent crude oil futures rose to a two-and-a-half years high over $105 a barrel a barrel yesterday, and United States prices rallied by over $3 as clashes in Libya threatened to disrupt oil flows from the Opec member.
The model is to be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show scheduled for October 2008, with United States prices ranging between USD37,500 and USD42,500.
The peer-reviewed study, "Seniors and Drug Prices in Canada and the United States," found that, on average, Canadian prices for the generic drugs most commonly prescribed to seniors in 2006 were 118% higher than United States prices for the same drugs.
Weekly averages were calculated from daily spot price data, and aggregated into five PADDs, three sub-PADDs and the total United States prices, to be comparable with weekly retail data frequency.
* Among sites requiring a prescription, Canadian costs average 49% lower than United States prices for brand name drugs (excluding shipping charges).
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