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For Manulife Holdings Berhad, this acquisition brings a captive distribution force of more than 1,100 professional unit trust advisers as well as 27 unit trust funds, of which 19 are Employees Provident Fund approved funds.
The research takes account only of stocks and shares ISA and unit trust investors aged 50 or over.
At the same time the number of unit trust and OEIC ISAs in existence fell from 8.
Therefore, there may still be a question mark over the long term viability of 'private' authorised unit trusts and OEICs.
Hence, only about 9% of investment trust ISA money comes through IFAs and only 5% of regular savings, whereas with unit trusts the figures are reversed.
He says: "There is no doubt the structure of unit trusts makes them more expensive for people who want to make their own decisions about investment.
Unlike unit trusts they also have much wider powers as to where the money is invested so they could again be construed as being more risky.
Fund management group Fidelity developed a low-cost Money Builder range of unit trusts to appeal to first-time stock market investors.
One of the 14 offers he received was from First Investors and Savers unit trust company.
the differences between investment trusts, unit trusts and OEICs
He said Old Mutual Swaziland, through its arm, Old Mutual Unit Trust Swaziland (OMUTSWA) has re-introduced its Unit Trust product offering as a secure vehicle for individuals and businesses to invest in.
Total assets invested in unit trusts have grown substantially during the last four years, more than doubling to approximately $90 billion*.