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"Whether that be from a structural standpoint by predicting the unitized stress distribution, or the compression strength of the packaging, or the strength and stiffness of the pallet, Best Load models an existing or a prototype unit load and identifies any areas of under-or over-design," explains Braden White, executive director of Marshall White's packaging research and consulting firm, White & Company.
Similarly, three major grocery retailers using the unit load optimization solution reduced damage at their distribution centers, saving about $300,000 each throughout their supply chains.
A pallet supplier is told to design a low-cost 48x40 pallet to safely support 2,000 pounds; the designer of a conveyor system is requested to design a low-cost conveyor with a 500 pound per linear foot capacity; and the designers of the 32 ounce plastic bottle and corrugated tray pack or box are told the unit loads will be stacked three high in storage.
The Valu-Lift's maximum unit load is 21" long, 16" wide and 22'high with a weight of 50 lbs.
Utilizing on the large scale of the unit loads leads to:
Relative Wood Fiber Consumption for the Shipping and Storing of Unit Loads
Finally, for buffering, sorting and staging palletized unit loads in exact loading sequence, the ACTIV dynamic storage technology for freezer storage works in existing or low overhead clearance buildings handling up to 1,000 SKUs.
Company's easy release stabilizing adhesives for plastic surfaces are specifically designed to assist with stabilizing unit loads of shrink-wrapped tray packs and poly bagged product, including woven polypropylene.
Hydraulically powered, the unit loads the roll using the far chucking arm, which moves back and forth through a screw drive to accommodate the various roll sizes.
Valu-Lift conveyors can be used for cartons and other smooth-bottom unit loads. The design incorporates lightweight interlocking molded polymer flights with steel connecting pins, lifting at a maximum speed of 118 fpm.