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At the forefront of SDDC's effort to zero in on the changing mission and ensure its ultimate success is the re-emphasis on units being trained and equipped to be fully mission capable anywhere in the world 365 days a year.
4 million units in 2006, due to the increasing popularity and numbers of cross-over vehicles and smaller SUVs that use p-metric passenger tires rather than light truck tires.
Standard features: Horizontal or vertical injection, two- or three-position rotary table or shuttle, quick mold change, quick barrel change, single-point height adjustment for injection unit, EC 100 control.
For these taxpayers, the unit of property is the "USOA unit of property," meaning the unit of property determined under applicable regulatory accounting rules.
We see so many customers that outgrow a new piece of equipment in about five years and wish they had bought a larger unit.
Refinancing for $1,000,000 for a four (4) story, mixed-use, non-elevatored building containing six (6) Class A apartments and one (1) commercial unit located in Brooklyn, NY.
The Army Award for Maintenance Excellence was established in 1982 to recognize units from all Army components for outstanding maintenance programs that increase operational readiness and enhance mission capability.
The units will be occupied by families and single persons.
47, Audit Risk and Materiality in Conducting an Audit, and its new audit and accounting guide, Audits of State and Local Governments (GASB 34 Edition), which provides materiality guidance to auditors that introduces a new opinion unit concept.
Initial and renewed friendships and/or significant- other relationships on the unit soon evolved.
Some criticized women's performance in Iraq, pointing to ships and ground units with high pregnancy rates--even organized prostitution rings--as examples of women's harmful effect on unit cohesion and morale.