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Making two unique records, ISRO launched an unprecedented 20 payloads in a single mission from the second launch pad of Satish Dhawan Space Centre.
By the time World War One ended, he had seen action on both major fronts, witnessed the war from the back of a horse and the cockpit of plane, and amassed one of the more unique records of anyone in the Kaiser's army.
Covey and Eisnach present this historical study made possible by the unique records of the Writers Project of the Works Progress Administration (WPA).
0, the core reporting engine in TRAVELTRAX, now provides clients with the processing power that they need to handle reports with over a million unique records.
Graham Hebblethwaite, chief officer of West Yorkshire Joint Services, which oversees the work of the Archive Service, said: "These unique records often shed light on some hidden and unfortunate stories.
UNIQUE records detailing the history of North East bell ringers are being recorded for posterity.
uk spokesman Josh Hanna said: "This is the first time these unique records have been brought together in one place online.
UNIQUE records charting the rise of a West Midlands industrial dynasty have been made public for the first time as part of a pounds 443,000 Lottery-backed scheme.
After winning last year's US PGA and the Masters in April, the American is now chasing one of Tiger Woods's unique records.
Working with a host of international organisations, including the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute and the universities of Madrid, East Anglia and Mendoza in Argentina, CLIWOC has now compiled these unique records into a 'meta-database' that will allow researchers to consult the original sources.
An indispensable practical guide for legal practitioners, Records Management in the Legal Environment presents best practices for the unique records management processes and procedures encountered in the private legal environment.
The database offers patrons nearly 40 million holdings and 6 million unique records and includes 98 percent of Pennsylvania's school districts.
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