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Company officials should work with counsel to ensure union avoidance strategies are adjusted to conform to this standard.
He has extensive experience with the National Labor Relations Act, Michigan Employment Relations Commission, Federal and State Courts, State and Federal administrative agency proceedings, collective bargaining, arbitration, mediation, union avoidance, employment litigation, and dispute resolution.
He represents employers in collective bargaining, arbitrations and union avoidance techniques in a myriad of factual settings before the NLRB, National Mediation Board (NMB) and various state public labor relations boards.
The potential for compensatory and punitive damages under civil rights law would likely diminish a potent union avoidance strategy by employers.
One of the company's first actions was to hire employee-relations directors with "primary responsibility" for "maintaining non-union status and union avoidance activities," according to recruiting advertisements.
19) The union avoidance and 'union busting' activities of employers, designed to remove union influence from workplaces and to thwart efforts to build membership, have been well documented in international studies during the past two decades.
The notion that higher profit margins attained by organisations to quench the insatiable appetites of their stockholders and the accompanying shift by many employers to a union avoidance labour relationship strategy appears to be lacking.
Bernstein's practice focuses largely on union issues, including union avoidance and supervisor training, union negotiations, employee grievances, arbitrations, and National Labor Relations Board proceedings.
King and Ballow's website brags of conducting "several hundred successful union avoidance campaigns throughout the United States.
Although it attracts little adverse attention, the North American employment practice of union avoidance sabotages the right to bargain collectively and thus is morally wrong.
The papers describe an industry whose employers were consistently anti-union, who utilized different strategies of union avoidance, but who failed to stem union advances during the golden years of union organization, the 1930s and 1940s.
That was the position taken by the management speakers at a union avoidance seminar that I attended in 1992.

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