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The collective action in which employees do not come to work as a form of protest. That is, in a strike, workers deprive employers of their services. Often, though not always, strikers also stand outside their workplace to stage protests. A strike occurs when employees wish to force the employer to pay them better wages or benefits or to improve working conditions. Strikes are usually orchestrated by a union.


a stoppage of work by a group of workers as part of an INDUSTRIAL DISPUTE with the aim of bringing pressure to bear on the employer. In the UK most strikes arise out of disputes over pay and conditions of employment. In the UK strike activity is normally measured in three ways: the number of stoppages, the number of workers involved, and the number of working days lost per 1000 employees. Of these the best indicator of ‘strike proneness’ (i.e. how likely workers are to take industrial action) is the number of working days lost per 1000 employees, because it captures more of the intensity and extent of stoppages than the other indices.

Strikes are generally both a protest and an attempt to secure concessions from employers. Their effectiveness is premised on the costs of a loss of output and the damage of relationships with suppliers, customers and employees that a stoppage of work can result in. However, strikes are costly to employees too since they usually suffer a loss of earnings for the duration of the stoppage. Employees therefore often take alternative forms of INDUSTRIAL ACTION, such as overtime bans, which are considerably cheaper. The conduct of strikes by unions is regulated by LABOUR LAW in the UK. A postal ballot of employees must be held, and employers must be given advance notice of the strike, for the strike to be lawful (and hence TRADE UNION IMMUNITIES to be retained). SECONDARY ACTION is unlawful.


a stoppage of work by a group of employees as part of an INDUSTRIAL DISPUTE, with the aim of bringing pressure to bear on their employer. Strikes may be ‘official’ or ‘unofficial’, the former being backed by the employees’ TRADE UNION. Strikes often are a last resort tactic when negotiated attempts (see INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS) to agree pay levels and working conditions and where other forms of INDUSTRIAL ACTION (for example, overtime bans, ‘go-slows’, ‘work-to-rules’) fail to achieve the desired results. See EMPLOYMENT


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Roughly 12% of workers interviewed April 11-June 5 in Gallup's Daily tracking who are registered voters say they are union members.
In line with the favorable views of the economy, the survey found that 42% of credit union members rated their personal finances as "good" or "excellent" in April 2012, an improvement of four percentage points from April 2011.
Education, training, and library occupations (which include public school teachers) also accounted for the largest number of union members (3.
Workers repeatedly complain of invasion of privacy and harassment by Special Response personnel, who regularly patrol the streets of Meredosia, videotaping union members and their families in public or even in their own backyards.
These caucuses have served as a base for political mobilization as well as a supportive space for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered union members," Sears notes.
ULRs have made a major impact in Merseyside, with more than a third of trade union members receiving training in the past three months, according to a TUC Labour Force Survey.
In addition, Chaplan and Hertenstein discuss the ways in which labor officials set about fulfilling these needs and the impact that library training has on how effectively union members find information.
Through the "exclusive alliance," Farmers gains access to this market, and Ulico can offer union members Farmers' national network of agents and claims professionals.
Even the net gain is deceptive because the union members leaving through plant closings and downsizings are not being replaced by members holding comparable jobs.
The immediate goal of the union members was to negotiate a written, legally binding contract with plantation owners that would ensure a fair profit for the sharecroppers and provide written statements of their accounts.
Glaser said union members can also cross picket lines if they resign their membership, but cautioned they may face a quandary if the strike ends and the building once again comes under union work rules.
Seniority is a right for which union members have fought long and hard.

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