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How fitting that Pictsweet mushroom workers are the first California farm workers to benefit from the historic binding mediation law that allowed them to end their 17-year nonviolent fight for a union contract," declared UFW President Arturo Rodriguez as he officially called off the union's more than three-year long boycott of Pictsweet mushrooms.
Nevertheless, Perullo was determined to challenge the culture of the union contract.
According to the union contract with the RAB members, for each building there is a designated area for strikers to stand in the event a strike is called, and a building entrance where others can enter and leave the building.
A clause in the pilots union contract demands that, if pilots are put on involuntary leave, the airline cannot increase the number of miles it flies nor increase the number of seats.
5 million because hospital nurses worked more hours after wages increased with a union contract, Choiniere said.
Even the Cleveland teacher union contract was negotiated to accommodate the local councils, stating that decentralization was a way to transform the district from "a school system to a system of schools.
went public Monday with a campaign to organize reality TV writers, producers and editors who are working without a union contract.

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